Carl Zeiss Optical Lenses

At ENIGMA, we try to combine high quality products with world class craftsmanship to provide quintessential visual solutions to our customers. It is our endeavour to provide our customers with an enhanced visual experience by using the stellar quality Carl Zeiss Optical lenses. Our skilled craftsmanship is a corroboration to our commitment of quality.

Leaders of the Optical Industry

Carl Zeiss is the renowned manufacturer of the finest optical lenses. With the experience and expertise gathered over more than two centuries, Carl Zeiss AG has established itself as one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality premium lenses. Industrial quality research, highly skilled craftsmanship, state of art semiconductor manufacturing equipment and durable materials have together made Carl Zeiss the leading optical lens manufacturing brand across the world. Carl Zeiss lenses are associated to a certain high standard of quality and efficiency which is acknowledged by opticians and consumers around the world.
Enigma optics has always endeavoured to bring to its customers the very best quality products at the best prices. Carl Zeiss Optical lenses are the industry leaders in the realm of optical lenses. Combined with the workmanship of our Italian makers, we provide you with elegant spectacles and sunglasses and that are also durable and stylish.
There is a wide range of progressive lens designs for you to choose from. Zeiss, being the leading manufacturer of optical lenses provides different kinds of lenses to suit the varying needs of consumers. It is the trusted choice of opticians and consumers alike. The quality is unmatched by any other lens manufacturer across the world. With cutting edge computer technology to gauge the visual efficacy of the lens, you can get customised sunglasses to suit your needs.

Made for the Technological Generation

The lenses are specially crafted keeping in mind, the modern-day customer and his versatile requirements. They are tailor made to suit all kinds of requirements for near, intermediate and distant vision problems. Carl Zeiss Lenses are known to provide comfort and smooth transition. They are also designed specially to suit and complement various facial shapes and features. Carl Zeiss optical lenses are preferred by customers all over the world.
Using sub-par quality of lenses can be harmful and straining. It can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. Many consumers complain of irritation, itching and pain. The reason could be in the low-quality glasses used in your glasses. Your eyes are among the most important senses in your body and you must take good care of them. In this age of technology, there is little alternative to exposure of digital screens. Everything from mobile phones, tablets, and computers to TV screens cause considerable visual stress to your eyes. Prolonged exposure can cause severe eye fatigue. Carl Zeiss lenses are designed to specially cater to the always-connected and always-on-the-move generation of users.

A History of Technological Achievement

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to be launched into space, landmarked a level of national pride that was unmatched and unprecedented. Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, set an example of innovation and healthy competition for generations to come. Carl Zeiss Optics is entrusted by NASA and other leading space agencies for its clarity and robustness to radiation and extreme temperatures in the vastness of space. ENIGMA utilizes Carl Zeiss Optics in our lenses, because we believe that our clients deserve unmatched quality to detail and robustness for their everyday encounters. Backed behind the earliest Mercury astronauts and Mars rovers, to astronauts on the International Space Station, 
As the pioneer or precision optics, Carl Zeiss Optical Lenses have accomplished a position of trust and credence. It is a premier optical lens manufacturer known for delivering a consummate standard of optical solutions through unmatched technical expertise, innovation, design supremacy, and research.  ENIGMA is proud to utilize tried and tested materials for our sunglasses.

With great pride in the heritage and craftsmanship of our sunglasses, we invite you to indulge in luxury. 

Abdullah S. Ahmad & Kevin W. Rao, Founders