A Note from Our Founder

As humanity we endure dark days and nights, knowing that seasons of hope and joy will soon follow. We have watched, just as the world has, at the pain and suffering that has befallen the world due to the COVID crisis. 

Despite the pain and suffering that we have all witnessed in unison, the heroism of frontline workers throughout these many months has inspired us.

We too have seen the degree of selflessness to which the doctors, nurses, caregivers, teachers, first responders, gig workers, and many others have displayed. The work is not easy, but the pursuit of weathering the storm with selflessness and utmost care for others is evident. 

We support our frontline workers and revere them, for they have paid a debt that we cannot repay. In that spirit, at ENIGMA, a portion of each pair sold will be donated to Feeding America, and Doctors Without Borders, both pivotal charities in this collective effort. 

Feeding America has established a COVID-19 Coronavirus relief fund to ensure food banks across the country can feed those in need right now, including the children who rely on school meals to eat.

Doctors Without Borders is sending much needed medical aid to nations hit hardest by the scourge of the virus. It is ever-present in over 70 nations and serves as a beacon of hope for the impoverished.  

Despite the pain and suffering of today, we are inspired and our commitment to helping the cause remains strong. We must all do our part to stand in an unwavering commitment to each other. That is our greatest hope in these trying times.

Indeed we shall overcome. 



Abdullah S. Ahmad 


With great pride in the heritage and craftsmanship of our sunglasses, we invite you to indulge in luxury. 

Abdullah S. Ahmad & Kevin W. Rao, Founders