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Founded by two college students from a small town in the state of Rhode Island, ENIGMA was the child of a singular question: can we make high-end, handmade sunglasses, with heritage, quality, craftsmanship, and designs to rival the luxury brands, but at an unbeatable price?


Hundreds of dollars for a few pieces of stamped metal and plastic screwed together? No thanks.

Not cheap materials and exorbitant markups for a brand name; there had to be a better way.


Armed with nothing more than an idea, and the fuel of our convictions, we set forth to disrupt this market.

Cheap plastic, gone. Replaced with hand polished cellulose acetate from the hands of the best Italian craftsmen.

Cheap lenses, gone. Competitors offer the bear minimum in optical clarity with plastic lenses with little UV protection. Replaced with the pinnacle of optical lenses sources from the best in the business: Carl Zeiss

We said no to thousands of glasses stamped out in a matter of minutes devoid of even an iota of craftsmanship. Instead, each pair is handmade, each temple hand polished, and every screw put in by hand.

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Each design is birthed in-house and is inspired by style icons. Serving as inspirations, the iconic shades of Hollywood stars, Presidents, and Princesses, are brought into the modern era.

We partner with Mazzucchelli1849, the premiere historic manufacturers of the highest quality cellulose acetate in the world. For over three centuries, the six generations of the Mazzucchelli family have mastered the craft of eye-catching acetate, a material considered the golden standard for glasses. Reserved for frames that cost thousands, we bring it to you for a fair price.

Our lenses, commissioned by Carl Zeiss, a company lending its unparalleled expertise in optical clarity to space telescopes and multimillion dollar film cameras, offer the highest in optical clarity and UV A & B Protection.


For many, especially in this business, marketing and hype comes first, and the product comes second. This comes at the expense of you, the consumer.

Sunglasses add a sprinkling of pizazz to your look, and they accompany you as you set forth to write your own stories. In that spirit, our story does not matter as much as yours do.

We believe in our sunglasses. We know you will love them, and even more certainly, we know that they will last and be there to accompany you on the next page of your story.

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