Mazzucchelli Acetate

The Mazzucchelli Family, makers of the best acetate in the world, have mastered their craft over six generations. A hallmark of fashion houses across the globes, their artisan craftsmanship is on full display in our products. 

The Heritage

Their tiny plant, founded in 1849, manufacturing combs and buttons made of animal horn, bone and tortoiseshell, became quickly known across the globe for their renowned quality. Mazzucchelli 1849 has since become the pinnacle in the manufacture of the most beautiful acetate in the world. 

Nothing But the Best

Mazzucchelli is contracted to produce acetate for some of the worlds' premier luxury brands. Their acetate is highly coveted for its uniquely beautiful designs, and increased durability.

Why Acetate?

As opposed to glasses made with stamped plastic, high-quality acetate is known for its strength, durability, and characteristic luster. Unlike plastic, it does not scratch as easily, and glimmers in the light, allowing certain rays to pass through, highlighting its beautiful patterns. 

The Pursuit of Perfection

At ENIGMA, we wanted the best of the best. In our exhaustive search for material choices, it was clear that acetate was the preferred material. We did not just stop there. We found the best acetate in the world. Our sourcing of Mazzucchelli 1849's acetate is a source of pride for our brand.
Each pair of sunglasses that leaves the hands of our craftsman is put up to the light and the beauty of its unique acetate patterns is admired. Each one, different. Each one, unique. Each one, nothing but the best. 

With great pride in the heritage and craftsmanship of our sunglasses, we invite you to indulge in luxury. 

Abdullah S. Ahmad & Kevin W. Rao, Founders