She was called the Princes of Wales by the royal title bestowed upon her. In reality, however, she was the princess of people’s hearts. She continues to live in the hearts of millions who continue to love her and have fond memories of her years after she has gone from this world. She never addressed her people as her subjects like other royals. She went out of the way to connect to people and touch their lives. She also made notable humanitarian endeavors in the realm of AIDS prevention, United Nations peacekeeping efforts, and promoting education in third world countries.   

Her Common Connection

No other royal reached out to common people the way she did. She showed the world that she was a people’s princess and was not bound by the textbook definition of royalty. The life and times of Diana truly showed the world a new face of royalty. After all these years, she continues to capture the imagination of people with her legacy of style, easy grace with people, minimalist fashion sense, and above all the charm and exuberance that she exuded wherever she went. Long after she has gone, she is still a fashion influencer with pictures of her outfits still doing the rounds on fashion blogs and in fashion magazines.

The Tragic End

Her personal life ended because of an abrupt car crash but her legacy is carried forward by her two sons who are taking forward her philanthropic work. Her style was a mix of modern eclectic and easy sophistication. She wore the most gorgeous jewels with beautiful clothes. She wore tweed suits, elaborate ball gowns, cocktail dresses, and feminine dresses. Her physical frame was petite which allowed her to experiment with her dresses a lot. She wore everything from elegant sheath dresses to oversized university sweatshirts.

The Princess of Elegance


Her choice of accessories, just like her ensembles was mixed. She was often spotted wearing statement pieces such as oversized hats, clutch bags, chunky neck jewelry, and colorful shoes. Her stylists have revealed that being a true people’s princess, she even dresses in a way to convey approachability and congeniality. She had a heart-warming personality and that reflected in her choice of clothes and colors. Being a true people’s princess, she deliberately went for cheerful and colorful clothes to look friendly, welcoming, and affable. For overseas trips and state dinners, she chose more glamorous outfits. When she was visiting a foreign country, she also dressed in elements of their traditional wear to pay homage to the country hosting her. It is also a known fact that she never wore hats to children’s hospitals because she used to say that one can't hug children with a big hat.


She went all out trying to foster a true connection with people and not just for photo ops. She showed the world that inside of her beautiful exterior was a tough woman when she walked on a potentially landmine infested area in Africa to create awareness about the use of landmines in civilian areas.