Marilyn’s style was extravagant, playful, bright and feminine. She ruled the 50s in gorgeous figure-flattering dresses made in elaborate styles and gushy fabrics.  Her dressing style was often characterized by a splash of color accompanied with bold and edgy silhouettes. Her style, much like herself was considered risqué, and much ahead of her times. Her fun and fearless personality was reflected in her personal style. She dressed fearlessly and spiritedly in a time when women’s fashion was still predominantly conservative. 

Capturing Imaginations

Even after all these years, she continues to capture the imagination of people with her style, easy grace, minimalist fashion sense and above all the charm and exuberance that she exuded. Her troubled life, was in sharp contrast to her happy and cheerful exterior but if you look closely enough you will realize that much like her intent personality and her deep search for love, her fashion sense also had profound traces of her attention-demanding personality.

Longing for Love

Due to a disturbed childhood, Marilyn longed for love, attention and a stable family life. In several interviews, she expressed her desire to have a loving husband and a home full of children. Her inert desire to be loved and accepted reflected in her gregarious and lively fashion choices.

Impeccable Style

Sharp Jet black sunglasses looked quintessential against her luminous, radiant complexion and her signature red lips. She oozed opulence and sophistication with her looks.

 Although she died in the year 1962, she has had a profound impact on fashion over the decades. She has inspired runway and red carpet fashion for over 50 years now. Being a true fashion icon, she had impeccable tastes in dresses and accessories alike. Marilyn also inspired an entire resort-wear collection for the world-renowned designer Versace in 2018. Forbes magazine has also named Marilyn as one of the greatest fashion icons of all times. She was inspiration both in her profession and personal life.

The Iconic Sunglasses

She was often spotted donning stylish cat-eyes and wayfarer sunglasses with chic and sophisticated dresses. Her style was distinct and extravagant. It is difficult to draw parallels of her style. She wore her hair in glamorous big waves that complimented the contours of her beautiful face. Her vanilla complexion and naturally golden blonde hair won her idiosyncratic titles of beauty such as the “Blonde Bombshell”

A Legacy of Liberation

Marilyn Monroe Photoplay 1953 - ENIGMA Optics Luxury Designer Handmade Sunglasses Men Women Italian Sexy Celebrities

Marilyn Monroe was the true-blue Hollywood fashion icon who promoted the notion of sex-appeal in regular fashion. She was the epitome of the ultimate plush luxurious trends that have left her an irreplaceable legacy.

She was glamorous and exuberant and yet she had an easy grace about her which set her apart from the other fashion icons of her times. As her style was colourful and over the top, she often kept here accessories simple. She paired classic, structured, and minimalistic accessories such as black or turtle-shell colored sunglasses with dresses made from flowy silhouettes.

You too can take a cue from the uninhibited style of this true-blue Hollywood icon. Get a classic design that accentuates your facial features and immediately transcends your look  with the effortless 50s glam.