Malcolm X was a revolutionary, an American minister and a human rights activist who openly criticized the mainstream civil rights movement for its many flaws and ambiguities. He preached for a free world where everyone was considered equal. He advocated the principles of equality and the rule of law. He raised his voice against the oppression meted out to black people across America and around the world. He was trailed and followed by the authorities owing to his tough stand against oppression and racial profiling.


Many said that he was an extremist and a gangster. In truth, he was the symbol of centuries of oppression finally showing, giving way to new world order. He soon became a symbol of liberation for the voiceless millions who lived in poverty, in discrimination, called out for their color, their beliefs and their origin.

Symbolic Beliefs 

Malcolm X was also openly critical of Martin Luther King’s philosophy of social integration between blacks and whites. He put forth that King’s advocacy of integration weakened the self-defense of Blacks against systematic white oppression. The two leaders were polar contrasts. The difference in their dreams and aspirations reflected in their differing points of view. His view of the social situation of the blacks in America was rather bleak. He believed that a system of black and white unity was impossible and impractical. He believed this because of the years of oppression that his community had to endure. He openly stated in many of his speeches that the state of the US society was such that there could never be harmony between blacks and whites and in that sense, he did not shy away from radical separatism.

 The Root of His Beliefs

 Owing his youth to experiences of violence and separation from his family, his thoughts and ideas hardened and starting taking a more extremist approach to social integration between communities. He did not believe in the same “coalition of conscience” as Martin Luther did. He was seen as an extreme thinker due to his essential belief that blacks should return to their native African land and that there should be a separate country for them within America in the interim.

Malcolm X was one of the biggest 20th-century symbol of black liberation struggled throughout his life to create an immortal legacy of courage that inspires millions of people around the world even today.  

Style of the Activist

Malcolm’s style was authoritative, rebellious and subversive. He presented a kind of power dressing that was a sharp contrast to his roots of poverty and oppression. He was looked upon by the people of his community as both an inspiration and as an influencer. For a boy who came from the streets, to live well with dignity, and dress with authority and certain rhetoric was a powerful idea. An idea that continues to inspire millions around the world.


The Iconic Frames

His signature Brow-line spectacles became an iconic style that came to be associated with his power, vigour and strength. It remains one of the most popular and widely sold designs of all time.