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John Lennon fondly remembered for his chartbusters like Instant Karma and Imagine and was undoubtedly the biggest musician of his time. He was the founder, vocalist and the lead guitarist of the famous musical band “The Beatles”. Born and raised in Liverpool, the genre of music that he brought to light was Skiffle, a form of music that captivated millions around the globe. His life ended in an abrupt tragedy when he was assassinated in the year 1980.

Beyond Music

He was known not only as a musician beyond excellence, he was also recognized as an artist, musician, poet, peace activist & philosopher. His music was considered Avant-garde or much ahead of its times. After the Beatles disbanded in 1970, he carried on a solo artist and in collaboration with his wife Yoko Ono, who was also a musician. He was known for his rebellious nature and many times with the songs he wrote, he questioned the status quo. He wrote against materialism, war, discrimination, and various other social ills in his songs.

The Anti-War Anthem

His song “All You Need Is Love” emerged as the 20th-century anti-war anthem. Some of his other songs like “Give Peace A Chance” and “Instant Karma” were also soul-stirring and showed the world a different side of him.

He moved to the United States of America in the year 1971 and started living in New York City with his wife. He also attracted a lot of controversy and criticism due to his eloquent criticism of the Vietnam war. It is said that the American authorities at that time and even President Nixon himself tried everything in the book to deport him but were not able to, owing to the mass support he had. There are many conspiracy theories regarding his killing. After his death, he got elevated to a larger than life legendary status.

The Greatest

In the year 2002, John Lennon was voted 8th in a poll of the greatest Britons of all time. He has also been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and created a popular culture that continues to thrive even today.

A Man of Style

He was also called the most stylish musician of all time. His style was cool and casual. His tiny round spectacles, casual T-shirts, and his vast collection of sleek black suits won his style vast popularity among the masses. He was loved for his “can’t-be-bothered-to-dress-well” style and he inspired a whole generation with his iconic fashion sense. He continues to be a fashion influencer with his fashion choice even after almost 40 years of his death.

The Iconic Sunglasses


He wore small round glasses, which became an iconic fashion statement of the era. Till today, the John Lennon style of sunglasses remains a rage with young and old people alike. The Teashade glasses that he was often spotted wearing, are now called John Lennon glasses. There was no other celebrity who popularized round spectacles like John Lennon. Owing to his unique style and effortless charisma, he was undoubtedly one of the most desirable public faces of all time.