President John F. Kennedy Addressing Press In Front of Podium circa 1963

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the soul of the nation he inspired. His charisma and youth punctuated by his aspirationalism and soaring eloquence granted him a place in the hearts of every American. John F. Kennedy was so much more than just a president. He was the first president that led not just from the resolute desk in the oval office, but also from the medium of television. The life of the 35th President of the United States has become far more than a single page in the books of history, rather it has become a storied and revered chapter of America’s story. 

John F. Kennedy's Military Experience

John F. Kennedy, who would come to be referred to endearingly by his initials JFK or by his nickname Jack, lived a life of many accomplishments. A war hero, Jack commanded a PT-109  in the Pacific theater during World War II, and his actions saved the lives of his crew. When the PT boat collided with a Japanese destroyer, Kennedy was able to rescue MM1 Patrick McMahon, the crew member with the most severe wounds, which included burns that covered 70 percent of his body and tow him as he swam against the current to safety. His actions would earn him a Navy and Marine Corps Medal and a Purple Heart in World War II. He would suffer back problems for the rest of his life because of those few heroic days, but never once did the future President regret his selflessness. Kennedy's political supporters made a big deal of JFK's military honors, but when asked exactly how he became a war hero, Kennedy famously said, “It was involuntary. They sunk my boat.”


John F. Kennedy, The Political Star

His political career would follow his heroic service in World War II, where he would find his voice and rise through the ranks, becoming a household name. Kennedy served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts' 11th district, and United States Senator. 
Winning a historic election and becoming the youngest President in the history of the United States, Kennedy spoke eloquently of a newfound sense of national purpose to combat the problems of the time. 

How John F. Kennedy Exemplifies ENIGMA

Mrs. Kennedy & President John F. Kennedy Off Newport RI aboard the USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr Watching the Americas Cup Race

Embodying the Ivy-prep style of the times, he became a favorite of the ladies. His style embodied an enigmatic combination of class and timelessness yet was youthful and dynamic, a change from his predecessors and forefathers in the land of public politics. Gone were the stuffy baggy suits and short ties of the past. Here stood a man who embodied nonchalantly effortless style that exuded nothing but charisma. Always well fitted and put together, yet never inappropriate for the occasion, President Kennedy became a symbol of class, confidence, and effortlessness. Once an enigmatic character that little knew of, he is now a man with an unwavering legacy that stretches its wings of grace beyond merely the borders of the United States, but across the globe. 

The Iconic Sunglasses

President John F. Kennedy wearing sunglasses bearing the reflection of the crowd during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Dan Luis Dam on August 18, 1962
In almost every outdoor setting graced by President Kennedy, his look is punctuated with a classic pair of sunglasses, the Mansfield Square by Universal Optical. The classically rounded yet masculine shape of the shades perfectly complements the face shape of any man. 
President John F. Kennedy aboard the Presidential Yacht
JFK wore various colors and styles throughout his time pre-Presidency and during it. From mysterious all black ones, to tortoise colored ones, they always matched his outfits. 
President John F. Kennedy is briefed by Wernher Von Braun (partly hidden) and Hugh Dryden (speaking to the President) at Pad B, Complex 37, Cape Canaveral, Florida, November 1963. (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library)
Here at ENIGMA, we took the classic shape of the designs wore by the iconic President and crafted our take on them out of the best materials. 
For our first variation, we kept the quintessentially Kennedy shape, rounded yet masculinely squared off. We elongated the temples slightly and gave them a more sleek aesthetic. Perfect for the understated yet stylishly sartorial connoisseur of his aesthetic, these shades are crafted with a rich heritage punctuated by a vibrant history, yet seek to put a new twist on the designs. 
Keeping the classic shape in mind, the other variations of the ENIGMA Kennedy line offer even more fresh designs. 

ENIGMA Inspiration Gallery

Photos of President John F. Kennedy wearing sunglasses