Jackie Kennedy Onassis was the ultimate American style icon. The first lady of the United States, a businesswoman, and the biggest fashion icon of her time, Jackie Kennedy Onassis defined the quintessential modern American women who looked good running everyday errands on the street. She pioneered the easy sophisticated chic look that continues to find followers in the likes of several modern-day celebrities.

Effortless Glamour

She was effortlessly glamorous and ruled the fashion columns in the 70s with stunning dresses, color-blocked outfits in bright hues. She brought a new Modern, edgy, and energetic style to the forefront of American fashion. She wore a lot of monochrome prints and patterns mixed with a gregarious splash of bright colors such as marigold or a blue, Her Businesswoman-Around-Town style found many copycats and inspired generations of women. Jackie exuded an arty-cool and intellectual vibe which set her apart from the other icons of her time. Her style was unique and minimalistic. She paired effortless off-duty ensembles with trendy accessories and minimalistic jewelry. Her style was classy and well put together. She made headlines with whatever she chose to wear for her various appearances. Her dresses were feminine and usually clinched at the waist. 

The First Lady of Fashion

Although being the wife of the erstwhile President John F. Kennedy, she was regarded as the first lady, the popular fashion magazines of the time often referred to her as the first lady of fashion. She carried the baton of the 70s glamour as there were few other women of her time as well as stylish and on-trend as her.

Her style was effortlessly chic and she epitomized the stylish modern woman. She had an innate chicness which was reflected in her ensemble choices. She wore some iconic dresses during state dinners, ceremonies, and parades.

The Iconic Sunglasses

Her choice of sunglasses was also unique, to say the least. She wore oversized sunglasses, cat eyes, wayfarers, round bug eyes, and many other trendy and popular stylish numbers of those times.

Her choice of sunglasses was so iconic, that even today there are several collections named after her. Nina Ricci, a brand known for its classy designs, has a special design named after her.

Encapsulating Understated Perfection

Her outfits encapsulated understated perfection. She wore well-tailored suits, high-waist structured trousers, fitted skirts in flattering fabrics. She carried elegant handbags and her choice of sunglasses inspired many for a long time to come. She had a special fondness for large rimmed, big sunglasses in jet black and brown. Bug's eyes was a signature favorite. This is an iconic style that she popularized back in the 70s. She had a small and symmetrical face. Most styles looked lovely on her beautiful heart-shaped face well. You too can get her iconic style with our wide range of sunglasses. Her style choices were truly versatile and she carried off all kinds of looks with elegance and poise. From chic elegant formal red carpet outfits to functional and breezy skirts and trousers, she always made heads turn with her looks.