General Douglas MacArthur Wearing Aviator Sunglasses


Douglas MacArthur was a celebrated war hero and a larger than life idol to many. He was recognized mainly for his distinguished military service as an American general who led the allied troops in the Southwest Pacific in the Second World War. He commanded the Allied occupation of postwar Japan. He also commanded the United Nations troops in the Korean War. He was also famously quoted as saying that “I shall defend Korea like I would defend my own country like I would defend California”. He was considered a controversial figure by many. Many even argued that he was egotistical and vain. He also made headlines back in the day due to his clash with the erstwhile President Harry Truman over war policy. He was eventually removed from the command. Talented, outspoken, and handsome, he was one of the most celebrated army heroes of all time.

General Douglas MacArthur has shaped the history of America. A man who always made sure America comes first. Aside from his leadership, he is the definition of charisma Americans aspire for.

MacArthur Military Experience

Born in the military barracks of the Little Rocks, Arkansas, he learned shooting even before he could learn to read and write. It was his rugged upbringing that made a soldier out of him, and one of history’s bravest most distinguished soldiers. He had a stellar military record. He was known for showing undaunted courage in the face of threat. As a soldier, army general, Marshall, and commander, he had many feathers in his hat. He served in the First World War as the youngest Combat General. During the First World War, his service in France earned him two Distinguished Service Crosses and seven Silver Stars. These are some of the biggest honors of bravery awarded by the US Army. He became the youngest chief of staff in the history of the U.S. Military Academy, and one of the only four five-star generals in U.S. history.

    The Legacy of General MacArthur

    The disciplined and charismatic General Douglas MacArthur had a remarkable style. A combination of class and leadership made him the great man he was. A symbol of charisma that influenced generations. The enigmatic leader inspired what we offer you at Enigma Optics. We consider General Douglas MacArthur the personification of classic style and American charisma.

    The corncob pipe and his taste in glasses very much matched his style of military strategy, bold and straightforward. A war hero with the heart of a real American patriot. All things aside, he was one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. He won several medals and recognitions. Despite being the decorated celebutante that he was, he was often criticized for his “air of arrogance” and questioned for his military abilities. It is said that he owed his illustrious career to his exceptional public relations efforts. Despite the disparaging comments made about his egotism and flaws, he remains to this day, one of the most inspiring 20th-century figures.

    He was known for his bravery, dedication, and patriotism. Douglas MacArthur was often spotted wearing his aviator sunglasses while he smoked his famous corncob pipe. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, he popularized the aviator style of sunglasses. He created this iconic trend that is extremely popular even to this day. Many other celebrities of the time wore aviators, no one created an image as memorable as Douglas MacArthur.

    A symbol of leadership for the marine, the army, and all those who love the great USA, the confidence he emitted made his surroundings hold him in high regard. His success is still studied in great universities and military establishments.